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Low-Carb Meal Prep.


What our customers have to say.

"Thank you for making such great meal preps that are affordable! I'm super happy with everything and this is my 3rd week ordering! So far my favorite is the Chicken Enchiladas."

"All the meals were delicious. Thank you so much. Will definitely be ordering more and tell all my friends and family."

- Erica

"So filling and full of flavor! The flavors of the meals are amazing. I can't believe I'm eating a low-carb meal. Delicious!"

- Melissa

- Brittany

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We would appreciate if you took a few minutes to let us know what you think about Kiki's Food. Let us know what you love or what we can improve in!

Chopping Coriander

Sticking to your diet just got easier, and more delicious!

Kiki's Food provides healthy low-carb meals made of mostly organic and fresh vegetables and quality meats. Savory homemade breakfast, lunch and dinners.


"I can't believe I'm eating a low-carb meal!"

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Looking for some more information about your favorite meals? Visit our "Meals" page to see some of our featured meals along with Macro information.

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