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About us.


Eating healthy, sticking to a diet, saving money on groceries. All these things seem simple but are difficult to do with out the right tools and help. Our mission is to help people achieve these goals by providing healthy low-carb meals delivered straight to your door - every week!

Kiki’s Food provides healthy low-carb meals made of mostly organic, fresh vegetables and quality meats. Savory homemade breakfast, lunch and dinners. We strive to give our customers the best tasting meals and the best customer service possible.

How we started.

I started Kiki’s Food in 2020, after realizing how hard it was for people to stick to their diets - especially during the pandemic. With things slowly going back to normal, it’s harder than ever to stay on track. Kiki’s Food is for those busy people that don’t have hours to spend on meal prepping. Spend your available time with family & friends. Focus on yourself and your goals and let me do the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning for you!


Kiki’s Food is a Small Woman-Owned Business, with support from family and friends! Being such a small business allows me to form great relationships with my customers and allows me to provide customer service unlike any other meal prep company. I love what I do!

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